Fornimaq: The strength of the detail

We are a family company, founded in 1987 by Ángel Rojas. In Fornimaq we have always maintained as the main objective, the high quality of our items and the personalized service to our customers. In these years we have known gradually enter in other related sectors trimmings in order to increase our customer base, expanding supply and services to our customers and diversifying products, responding in this way to the demands of the market and different sectors of activity.

The added value of our products is linked closely to a dynamic entrepreneurial attitude, very open to new trends and market demand, in order to be highly trained and therefore be able to advise our clients.

In Fornimaq we always contemplate the machines, tools and placement accessories, as a very important aspect to consider, as well as their own trimmings and supplies, thus ensuring the quality of the siding and the placement of each of our items.

Fornimaq is present at major exhibitions in at national and international level, which translates into a knowledge of our company by the garment manufacturers, auxiliary workshops, distributors and retailers.

Due to continuous changes in fashion and trends in Fornimaq we try to offer to our customers what they need at all times. We have gone from having products to having customers.

In Fornimaq we are moving towards greater "professionalism" of the sector, in terms of knowing the sector, the client, the product and a greater preparedness to us at all times comply with current regulations on safety, quality and processes.

Ensuring good service is our main objective and in light of that, our company grows and increasingly consolidated in the national and international market, with the recognition of our customers and the support of the sector.